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Use coupon code: BKCOXBFLTD to get $299 discount Having the email marketing application as a solution we know the pain of our customers when the emails are undelivered due to Spam/Invalid emails. Email marketing is a major part of any company's marketing strategy. But, it is only deemed successful by the number of subscribers who open and interact with the email your company sends.

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Unshackle Yourself from the Throes of an Unruly Gmail Inbox

Email should be a tool to optimize productivity, but it often causes more pain than it eliminates. Free yourself from the chains of a relentless Gmail inbox by using tools and techniques to customize, organize, and streamline your email management process.

This App Detects & Blocks Spam Viruses Before They Reach Your Computer

Screen all your email accounts in one place and allow only the emails you want in your inbox using MailWasher. MailWasher lets you preview all your emails before they get to your computer or mobile device, enabling you to read all your emails securely and instantly delete any unwanted or suspicious emails.

Efficiently Manage Your Inbox with Only a Few Clicks with This Email Cleaner's Filters, Groups & Segments

Change the way you manage your emails with Clean Email. Clean Email is an online bulk email cleaner that empowers you to take control of your mailbox. It relies on powerful rules and filters you can define to efficiently segment your mailbox into relevant groups, allowing you to quickly identify useful and clean up useless emails with a few clicks.

Know when your emails are opened with Mailcastr email tracker for Gmail and Gsuite

Know the best time to follow up with real-time notifications with Mailcastr. This email tracking app for Gmail lets you know when your emails are read and shows you a dashboard with historical data to help you make better decisions. Mailcastr provides your readers' devices and location information and notifies you when someone clicks on your links.